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This is from a woman who has very sensitive skin & hyper-pigmentation (spots):

Robyn Benson helped with  wrinkles and age spots.The results were delightful. Her professional attitude and positive results are greatly apppreciated.
Thank you Robyn
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From an Acne Client's email after one day on the Face Reality treatment:

Good morning!!

Everything is going great so far! I have the two instruction pages taped to my bathroom mirror so I won't miss a step. I did everything I was supposed to last night and WOW, I'm already seeing a huge difference! The zits are MUCH less angry and red, and my skin feels really nice and soft and looks smooth. I just got up (hehehe, it's a saturday!) so I'll be going about my morning routine now. I did not experience any tingling or bad reactions.

Chantal M.

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[Definitely recommend!! I've been struggling with acne for YEARS and within two weeks my face is almost entirely clear. Robyn is VERY knowledgeable and professional, and did a thorough examination of my face and skin, after which she recommended a treatment plan with very clear and informative instructions. What impresses me is that Robyn sticks with you while you use the treatment. You can even text her questions or updates and she checks in regularly on your progress. After the first consultation you check in with her every other week to examine your progress and adjust the plans or get extra treatment if necessary. An appointment with her costs less than getting a haircut, and the benefits are HUGE. The products she offers are reasonably priced too, and you get a lot for what you pay. I'm so happy to be finally rid of my acne. A+ service!]

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